Ninox 300

Ninox 300




The Ninox 300 is designed for use on modern rifles including semi-automatic, select fire and precision rifle variants up to 7.62 mm. The Ninox 300 is designed for maximum signature reduction and rated for 7″ 300AAC and 14″ 308Win barrel lengths.

The suppressor is available to suit 5/8″-24 and M14x1 muzzle threads.

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Ninox 300
Calibre 5.56mm to 300WM
Weight 635g  (22.5oz)
Diameter 38.9mm (1.5″)
Length 230mm (9.0″)
Construction Fully Welded
Finish Titanium
Mount Direct Thread
Reduction 28 – 34dB
Price $1,385 RRP


Wedgetail Industries Ninox Suppressors – Lifetime Limited Warranty

Wedgetail Industries will repair or replace free of charge any suppressor manufactured by Wedgetail Industries for the duration of this lifetime warranty. This warranty is of lifetime limited duration, and covers, at the manufacturers discretion, service, repair, and/or replacement of damaged products caused by normal use.

Wedgetail Industries Permit Details

Dealer Licence Number 894-935-90F

Suppressor Permit 002-347-706.

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