Ninox N9-03


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The ‘Ninox 9’ is a 9mm pistol suppressor manufactured from titanium and alloy steels using a state-of-the art process for unparalleled performance and light weight.

Developed at the request of a major Defence client, the Wedgetail Industries N9 is now available to authorised civilians in two sizes – the N9-03 compact and the N9-04 standard.

Available to suit barrels threaded 1/2-28 RH and 13.5 x 1 mm LH.   A Nielsen inertial decoupler device ensures reliable functioning on a range of pistols.  Please contact us for more information on barrel threading details to suit your particular pistol.

Made in Australia.  Suppressor permit required, consult with your state police force for details.   Export enquiries welcome.

Sales Inquiries please contact [email protected]

Wedgetail Industries Ninox Suppressors – Lifetime Limited Warranty

Wedgetail Industries will repair or replace free of charge any suppressor manufactured by Wedgetail Industries for the duration of this lifetime warranty. This warranty is of lifetime limited duration, and covers, at the manufacturers discretion, service, repair, and/or replacement of damaged products caused by normal use.

Wedgetail Industries Permit Details

Dealer Licence Number 894-935-90F

Suppressor Permit 002-347-706.

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Sales Inquiries please contact [email protected]

Dealer sales, please contact [email protected]

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